Social Justice


When people think about the concept of Social Justice, probably the first thing that came to their mind is the difference between two groups, the rich and the poor. Somehow this concept tends to focus more on the justice between groups in society than the concept of justice for individuals.   

In our daily life we all witness situations or hear news that makes us think that the world is unfair. Maybe it’s even ourselves the ones that are going through this unfair situation. 

What do you think?

What do our Brave Kids think? We wanted to know their opinion on this topic so we asked them the question “Do you think the world is unfair?” 

The majority replied YES, so we also wanted to ask them how they think  this can change. 

What should be done so the World can be more fair?”

“We should think about each one we know and live a peaceful relationship full of love”

“More love, more peace”

“There should be more fighting against racism and homophobia”

Social Justice is a big concept because it is much more than comparing groups in our society. It means equal rights and opportunities for all and it  includes human rights, acces, participation and equity!

That is why Social Work is so important and so necessary to achieve these goals, without social justice the only thing that will be left is social oppression.

Social workers use their empathy and communication skills to promote equality and justice. Their profession is based on enhancing human well-being and helping with empowerment and the needs of people that are vulnerable.

As our Brave Kids said… Let’s keep thinking about each other, let’s keep spreading love and peace.

Working all together we can make this world a better place, fair and safe!!

Text prepared by Carmen Lopri.

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