Friendship in the Time of CORONA

 Has Coronavirus  locked our friends up on a screen?

In this situation it does not matter if your friend lives in the same neighborhood or on the other side of the world. The way of feeling connected to our friends has become virtual and has made us realize how despite being apart, we have rarely felt so close before.

There are two types of confinement, the one that is physical and the one that is  psychological. But for this last one, knowing that we are all in the same situation, creates a space of vital moral support to cheer us up a little. And here comes the importance of knowing that at least you can count on your friends to make your mind free.

At this point our friendship has evolve to avoid the routine of “no news” kind of conversation. Now the dialogues are focused on sending each other encouragement and hope, in giving each other ideas of productive things that can be done or in looking for activities to do “together” (watch the same film, prepare the same recipe, do exercise “together” by video call, play online games…). 

If this situation is worth something, It’s to realize that on many occasions we take things and relationships like friendship for granted, and at the end that is what we miss the most. So a good way to spend this time with friends is to organize future plans with them, things that maybe you never thought about but it will cheer you up, maintain a strong relationship and see the light at the end of the tunnel that we are all going through.

But if anyone is a good example to show that long-distance friendship relationships are possible, it’s our formers Brave Kids. Despite living in different countries and many miles away, the friendship they have forged remains! 

That’s why we wanted them to give us their opinion and tell us about their experiences.

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And yes, indeed, they agreed with what was said before and also they said that of course this situation tested their relationships but, true friendship will always remain. At the end, what they miss the most, as Nutsa Dzumanishvili and Hamed said, are “living fun and simple moments together”. Also Jyoti, specifically mentioning Brave Kids said, ” I miss their dance, culture, language, food and friendly nature… Missing all of them”. And we cannot agree more on that!

Don’t lose hope, keep supporting each other and soon we will be creating new memories together!

Text prepared by Carmen Lopri.

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