How Are Our Brave Kids Getting Through the Quarantine?


The way of life that we are used to, has taken an unexpected turn that made the whole world to be put in a state of sanitary alarm. This brings with it a historical fact, something that the majority of the population had never experimented before and with which we have had to live for months… A QUARANTINE! 

It is certainly something that will mark our generation for life and that we will never forget.

That is why we wanted to get in touch with our Brave Kids all around the world so they can tell us how are they doing in their countries, their personal experiences and specially to send our best wishes and support to each other during this situation of Covid 19.  

We took the opportunity that the social media brings us to organize two Online Seminars that were moderated by former Brave Kids participants. This was a great opportunity to see each other virtually and to talk about everyone’s situation and feelings at the moment.

IMG_5029   IMG_5030

Have a look to our Facebook to see some fragments of Seminars 1 and 2.

Here are the topics that have been talked about and some of the answers of these wonderful brave kids:

Q. “How each other of you are living this situation in each country?”

  • Farah (Palestine): It’s a very hard situation. In the first couple of months people were aware of what was going on. However, after some time it changed. People started to go out, they were no longer following the rules or regulations. But the good thing I see is that the streets are cleaner at the moment, people are aware of taking care of hygiene, including the streets. However, overall it’s still hard.
  • Patricia (Romania): … We have some kind of restrictions periods. Right now we can go out but with a piece of paper where we write the exact reason why we are out. After 10 days we will can go out without it but there will be still some restrictions.
  • Purnima (India): In our area [Dehradun], there are no cases of coronavirus, all thanks to the fact that the government locked down the country on time. So everything is closed and people can’t travel. So we all need to follow the rules so that we are safe and no one gets infected. But let’s stay positive! And I know we will overcome this problem!
  • Khushi (India): I would like to add something. It is a little bit good because we are all in our homes, spending time with our families. It is also good because our surroundings are getting clean. Now we can see the Himalayas all the way from 300 km. So it is good because our nature is getting clean. But it is bad because in India we are all in the crisis of corona. And we are not able to go to school. We have been given homework, but some of our friends, who have gone to their villages, do not have access to the Internet. So it is very difficult for our teachers to reach them and give online lessons. 
  • Mohammad (Palestine): … The Israeli army was still attacking some areas despite the fact there’s corona, they were wearing mask and protecting themselves. 
  • Yolani (Nicaragua): In Nicaragua the schools are still open. I have to go and I have a lot of homework. People go outside as if these were normal times. We don’t have that many rules.

Q.“How are you feeling and what’s your situation?”

  • Edgar (Uganda): For me, I am feeling good. The COVID situation here is not that bad. And I’m missing the kids that we work with. Because that was one of the highlights of my days before that situation came.
  • Mercy (Uganda): Everyone is so worried about COVID-19. But I feel like I got the opportunity to know who I am, to really think about what the most important things in life are and what things in life just come and go. And another thing is that, like Edgar said we are working with kids, so I miss the kids. I don’t know what they are thinking, we can’t reach them.. So it’s just a thing in my heart, we miss the kids very much. 
  • Maks (Poland): Right now I feel good, better than at the beginning of that awful situation. That kind of lifestyle is definitely not my type. I really dislike the situations when I can’t meet my friends, when I have to do a lot of exercises from my teachers. I feel a little exhausted from all those things. But rules are the rules. So I am staying home with my family, reading a lot of books, watching a lot of films and all other things that I had no time for before the quarantine.
  • Lizeth (El Salvador): We are from El Salvador and we are OK. We are taking care of each other and can spend time with our families. But we still miss our friends.  
  • Emilia (Poland): I am feeling quite good. But I am also feeling like I am wasting my time here at home. Because I am here when I could do all that amazing stuff with my friends, and go to all amazing places. But I know that we all must stay at home. 
  • Shraddha (India): In India the lockdown started on 24 March. We were supposed to have our final exams in March, but they were cancelled because of the current situation. I don’t really feel bored because I am utilising my time for improving my skills, especially my drawing skills because I have my entrance exams. Also, I have my 12th board final exam so I need to prepare for that.
  • Bambdad (Iran): I feel a bit hopeless about everything. I miss people, I miss everyone. I don’t know when the situation is going to be OK again. I lost a relationship in this time and many other things. I am nervous, I am hopeless and I don’t feel very well. And I don’t miss school which is a torture.

Q.“What did you learn new about yourself during this time?. Comparing yourself before and right now”.

  • Patricia (Romania): I personally started to know myself better. I can control my emotions somehow better, after all this time staying inside. I also improved my painting. This is mostly what changed about me in this time. 
  • Roberto (Spain): I have learnt more about self-control. I am someone who is always busy, doing many things. So having to be at home and do nothing was a big shock for me. So I have learnt to take things calmly and be more productive in this situation. 
  • Mohammad (Palestine): During this time I discovered a lot about myself that I didn’t know before. For example, I found out that I am a good carpenter, I am able to do very good decorations. I also improved my skills in rapping. As you know, I was rapping here when I was with Brave Kids. Now I am able to record my rap, although the quality of the speakers is not the best. I also improved my skills when it comes to photoshopping and designing programs. I am now designing a lot of programs and pictures.
  • Adam (Palestine): I learnt a lot during this time. I learnt that life is really hard. But I also learnt how to cook. And I improved my painting skills. I learnt how to plant at home.
  • Shervin (Iran): I learnt that we may have a lot of hard situations throughout our lives. But the important fact is that we shouldn’t give up! We have to make some rules, we have to stick to these rules, and control ourselves in this situation. But I’ve increased my ability to play dulcimer and I’ve learned how to program some apps. 
  • Yotam (Israel): I think I learnt that even though I miss meeting all my friends and family as often as I used to, I actually treasure these moments and I find a lot of worth in just being on my own or with my siblings and parents. Yes, practicing things on my own and finding more time to do all kinds of things that I had been wanting to do for such a long time. 
  • Maya (Poland): Except from studying, I also learnt that I don’t have to go out to have contact with the people I love. Which is hard and I miss their faces, face-to-face. But if there are people we care about, we can still have contact with them no matter what. That’s a good lesson for us for the future when we will all be in college.
  • Marija (Lithuania): I have learnt to be way more productive because I have to learn how to control myself in order to do all the work. And I just realized how cherished these little moments with your friends and family are. Because right now it’s really hard. 
  • Deive (Lithuania): I learnt about myself that I can manage my time pretty well. Because now we have this online school and also we have lots of time because we are in quarantine. Also, I am trying some creative ways to use all of this time that we have. In order to make our quarantine easier.
  • Maks (Poland): I actually feel like I didn’t learn something new and special about myself. I learnt how fast and unexpectedly our lives can change. In a few days we closed shops, schools, cafes, hair-dressers (as you can see!) and other places. I was feeling like I started a new life: masks, staying home, doing homework, missing all that people from normal situations. New reality – new rules. But I still say to myself, ‘How great will be having school, rehearsals and meetings, after all.”
  • Itamar (Israel): What I think I learnt about myself is that when I don’t have school and any big thing that takes all my day, so when I have enough time and I can choose how I want to do everything (all my classes and assignments), I do it very well and better when I have school.
  • Fatima (El Salvador): We never know what is going to happen. So right now I am learning to appreciate the people and moments that we usually have, but now we don’t. We are also actually learning more about self-hygiene. 
  • Yolani [Nicaragua]: I am worried because here in Nicaragua we don’t really have rules. I still can go to school. But we don’t really know what is going on and how to do things right.
  • Lizeth (El Salvador): I understand how important my friends are. And here we have proper rules: schools are closed, public transport is limited. So it is helping a lot to take care of the virus and be safe. And I have been learning to sew in my free time. 
  • Meda (Lithuania): Now I realized how much I need real communication. Also, I am trying new hobbies, like new instruments. I am learning how to organize my day, how to do everything that I need. 
  • Bambdad (Iran): Well, I work on my music a lot. And I read a few books that I wanted to read before. I’ve understood that I have to live in the moment, because the situation could be worse than it is right now. So I have to deal with it. I have to be happy. I know that we are still in a good situation. Bad or good, I don’t know. But it’s still better than some other alternatives, you know.
  • Kuba (Poland): I realized how much I miss the life that I’m used to. I usually have a lot of things to do every day. After school I have many hours of dance rehearsals, a lot of homework. And now when it’s gone, I realized that sometimes I could complain about it, but it is just my life and I love doing all those things. And now that I can’t do them, I just miss them.
  • Ghazal (Iran): If I want to tell you the truth, I am really worried about these days’ situation. Because nobody really knows how long this quarantine is going to stay around us. But I’m trying to be OK and do the things I love, like playing instruments, singing, sometimes dancing. But my favorite one is reading books. But it’s still hard for us. 
  • Shraddha (India): These days I recall my strengths and weaknesses. Like I sometimes overthink certain things, that’s the bad thing in me. I like to take care and help everyone. I always encourage my friends so that they can achieve their goals. I think that’s the good thing in me. I also learnt cooking from my grandmother. I learnt how to keep self-control, and developed responsibility towards my nation, and the unity from the situation around me. I also made a wonderful bond with my neighbors. 
  • Edgar (Uganda): I am trying to adjust, trying to show love in different ways, trying to care about the people. We are trying to be as calm and loving as we can be. With all the stress and all the chaos going on around, we are trying to give love and energy. 
  • Mercy (Uganda): I’ve really learnt a lot from this situation. I’ve learnt how to be patient, to understand myself. Most of the time we pretend to do most of those things, according to some timing. We time ourselves: “I have to be here”, “I have to get this in time”, “I have to make sure that by two years I will graduate” etc. But the current situation really showed me that there is nothing we should do but to listen to ourselves. We usually rush things and we don’t even have time to understand our family, our friends. But in this situation I’ve learnt how to have a kind heart, give something, even if you don’t have a lot. But in this situation I’ve learnt how to really understand that love is everything, like giving someone a smile, seeing someone smile each and every day. That’s a blessing. I’ve learnt how to care for myself and my family.


Despite coronavirus and everything that had happened… 

Q. “What is the best thing that happened to you this year?”

  • Maya (Poland): For me is that a week before the quarantine, or two weeks before it all started in Poland, I went to Israel and I met some of my friends. 
  • Yotam (Israel): I’m mostly finished with my test for high school. And I’m really happy that I got a lot of time to study and do all the things during the quarantine
  • Marija (Lithuania): I think the best thing of this year was spending that much time with my family. 
  • Deive (Lithuania): The best thing was that I started Art School that I really wanted to go to. Also, I finished my Music School, which is also a good thing that helps me going forward.
  • Maks (Poland): The best thing, which could be funny for some, is the ‘Witcher’. It’s a fantasy book. First, I played the game, also very popular ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’. And I really got interested in that book, I feel like it’s something I will keep for a long time and I think it’s the best thing for now.
  • Emilia (Poland): The best thing that happened to me in that period was my winter holiday. In the first week, I was with seven of my best friends in the Polish city of Zakopane. We had so much fun there! And in the second week, I attended the dance lessons with all of my group. It was pretty great, too!
  • Saniya (India): This year I got close to my grandmother. And I learnt many things from her. Before that I didn’t get time to spend with my grandmother. And we had a lot of fun! 
  • Anchal (India): This year the best thing that happened to me is that I learnt gardening and I grew so many flowers in my garden. 
  • Itamar (Israel): During this year me and my friends from the music program in my school, as part of the music program, we wrote an entire opera and performed with it. 
  • Yolani (Nicaragua): I am really happy because it’s my last year of school. I also have a new nephew, so I am happy to be spending so much time with him. 


After talking about all of this… 

Q.“How do we support each other during this time?”

After everyone’s contributions, we came to the conclusion that the main thing is to STAY HOME, not just to protect ourselves but also to protect others as well as follow the rules and keep the social distancing. This is the best way and the most important thing to help the doctors, nurses and everyone that is working in the front line. On the other hand, we should support people that are needed, like the ones that can’t cover their basic needs or the ones that are losing their jobs, there are many ways to do that including  voluntary initiatives and donating food to NGOs. 

But another really important thing is having hope and try to spread that hope to others, we can do that by playing music or singing a song at the balcony to our neighbours, to our family or even to ourselves. Good feelings and simple things can make your day and music is an amazing way to do that.


Think positive and keep smiling!

Take care of yourselves and your family!

Stay Healthy!

We will get through this!!


Text prepared by Carmen Lopri.

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