Brave Leaders on Brave Kids: Marie-Yves from Syria

Photo: Mateusz Bral

After several attempts to collect ideas and write what is going on in my head😅
In these days last year I think we were all ready .. For me, I was just thinking how we will get there ?? What will we face on our way ?? .. The preparation and training periods ended quickly.. A few more hours and we set out … and the adventure started..

Photo: Brave Kids Leszno

My Meeting with the family was enough to end the fatigue … and successive meetings were enough to replenish the enthusiasm ..
I can say that meeting and living with friends from different cultures and peoples is a profit.. The mutual love away from color or religion, giving and gratitude. Discussions and participation from their countries, the emotions behind the performances and the goodbye. ..and most importantly the great amount of love❤

Photo: Catherine Naket

I saw the strength and energy of our children, how much they are able to make the impossible, the courage of each one of them despite the various difficulties and challenges that their country is going through and how much they bring joy and peace to our world..

This stage changed me a lot, it made me stronger, more confident, more peaceful and more loving.
Thanks to everyone who works tirelessly and contributes to the success of this work, which I can call a “lifetime”.

Hugs and kisses from Syria to all around the world.
Stay safe,stay BRAVE.💪💪

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