Brave Leaders Program 2019, Zagórze Śląskie

The Brave Kids team is honored and grateful for having such an amazing, motivated and supportive group of Brave Leaders in Brave Kids Together for Earth 2019!

This year we had the honor of hosting:

1As a parallel program to Brave Kids project, the Brave Leaders program is an equally important and interesting part of the project. It is a great opportunity for group leaders to meet their colleagues from different countries and diverse cultural and social backgrounds, share their knowledge, experiences and opinions. 

The Brave Kids Together for Earth 2019 project took place in Zagórze Śląskie, Wrocław and Wałbrzych (Poland) from 13 October to 22 October 2018 and involved the following activities:

Day 1 (13 October)

Groups Performances at CUKR (Centre of Ukrainian Culture and Development), Wrocław. 76188567_760301281157659_3980218511862530048_nDuring this event, which was open for public, the artistic groups of kids and youth from Brazil, Iran, Palestine, Poland and Spain could show the performances they prepared back at home. All the performances, in one way or another, were exploring the topic of Environment, our Planet and the Four Elements.

Day 2 (14 October)

Integration, schedule and the camp rules. Meeting with the representatives of the Municipality of Wałbrzych, Justyna Pichowicz and her Assistant.75242258_2239134956384485_5128540484452483072_nDuring the meeting, we got to know not only about the history of the city and the region, but also about the current social priorities and projects run by the Municipality of Wałbrzych.

In the afternoon, our fantastic ESC Volunteer Silvia led the Fears and Expectations session. As a result of this session, we could modify the Leaders program so that we have enough space for what our wonderful leaders expect and can offer to the others.74958173_530375084469196_8082727782162890752_nWe finished the first day of the project by having an integration walk to the Dam. =)76732210_416739692350992_2740747613740466176_n (1)

Day 3 (15 October)

The day started with Krzysztof’s (Poland) workshop on the fundamentals of the Polish sign language. We all learnt how to spell our names and say where we come from in the sign language. This was followed by Ruben’s (Spain) thrilling theatre workshop which made us work not only on the movement but also on our imagination!75561504_2476447812566781_8220242687836553216_nIn the afternoon we had a relaxing walk to the Grodno Castle with Iwona, Brave Kids Executive Producer, who was telling the leaders about 10 years of the project. 75485956_2475648402530845_6729383823416492032_n (1)

Day 4 (16 October)

The morning session started with the Leaders presenting their organizations and work for the students and teachers of Liceum #1 in Wałbrzych. 74873845_422180468448311_4706925238883975168_nIn the afternoon, Elham, the Iranian group leader, offered an exciting artistic workshop on making Iranian handiwork.  75299977_461851474435831_4449604582720405504_nThe Polish leader Marcin also led a creative workshop on art therapy, which all leaders and volunteers enjoyed enormously!74274407_1403301406514570_2035683188268859392_n

Day 5 (17 October)

Manoela and Dan from Brazil had a busy full-day workshop on the concepts of home, earth and being truly brave. It included everything from collective dance and singing to common discussions. 


Day 6 (18 October)

Initially planned as the ‘free time’ morning, this part of the day turned out to be a truly warm and inspirational time when some leaders visited the Polish-Czech border experiencing how borders somehow can be almost intangible. We were all also kindly invited to visit Marcin‘s house, workshop and studio. 75341233_1536042873203193_6176159093292531712_n (1)In the afternoon, we had the second session of artistic workshops from our leaders. Elham taught us all to make exquisite Iranian dolls,70147535_419545012052943_898179151670804480_n (1)whereas Marcin ran an exciting ivy basket weaving craft workshop. Thanks to both of those workshops, we all had some hand-made souvenirs to bring back home. =)74687788_3180967861919133_8263515917862830080_n (1)

Day 7 (19 October)

All groups and leaders headed to Wałbrzych to attend the screening of the Brazilian movie ‘Boy and the World’ (2013) in the frame of the ‘Brave Cinema: Kids in Danger’ project. The screening was followed by the group discussion. 72748594_2831059490247169_6670312350760828928_o

Day 8 (20 October)

In the morning, we had a chance to visit with the leaders the Książ Castle and its beautiful surroundings.75010617_521033528446967_5502085949238018048_n (1)After visiting the Castle, we decided to visit the city of Wałbrzych … and even organize a spontaneous jam session in the Market Square!74314564_701076410400261_899320921481805824_n (1)

Day 9 (21 October)

BKT4Earth Final Performance in the Old Mining Centre (Stara Kopalnia) in Wałbrzych !!! 75242224_2836887182997733_7983197429816098816_oAfter the spectacular show, we had a mandala walk to the Dam. Every group would collect the gifts from Nature, such as leaves, pine cones, branches (those that were already on the ground, so that we would not destroy anything!) in order to create a common mandala to sum up and reflect on the BKT experience. Every participant was invited to answer two questions: ‘What you think you brought to the project?’ and ‘What will you take from the project and bring back home, to your family / friends / community?’. 75446475_1340780569462425_2249417717448704000_n (1)

Day 10 (22 October)

BKT4Earth Final Performances in Teatr Polski, Wrocław !!! 74385180_2850761021610349_4656361941822865408_o

Our Dear and Brave Group Leaders !

Thank you for your participation and positive impact !!

We wish you all the best in your work with kids and youth !!!

Brave Kids Together 2019 Leaders Program was moderated by Malika Murzagali, Iwona Frydryszak with the assistance of Silvia Travasoni.

Photos taken by Magdalena Sawicka, Silvia Travasoni, Malika Murzagali and our Brave Leaders.

P.S. Special thanks to Magdalena Sawicka, who being the BKT Camp Coordinator and one of the Group Leaders herself, considerably helped us organize all the trips and events for leaders inside and outside of Zagórze Śląskie. ❤ 

P.P.S. Very special thanks to Dani and Silvia for their fantastic presence and translation during the Leaders Program!



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