Brave Kids on Brave Kids, chapter 19: ROKPA International (part 2)

This week on Brave Kids on Brave Kids, we have short texts written by Sumit, Sarita and Badal, members of ROKPA International (Nepal), who has been a long time partner of the project:


From Sumit:

“My name is Sumit Baram. I am a ROKPA kid. I study in grade 5. We went to Poland for a cultural show. We were so happy in Poland meeting with new friends and family. They were kind to us. We stayed in different places. Everyone was happy to see our performance. Many of them cried as well. It was a beautiful country. They respected us and loved us. We were so happy and enjoying our whole performance. It was little bit scary at first but later it was not scary at all. It was beautiful joined performance of all the Brave Kids. We were so sad when we had to leave our host family. We cried a lot when we came back to our country.”

From Sarita:

“First of all I would like to thank you Mummy and my brothers and sisters who gave me this golden opportunity.

We started our journey on 17th. June. 2018. I was so excited to enter into the international airway. In airplane I was so happy to see the scenario from outside the window. It looks very beautiful from up. I was so glad to meet my host family. My host family was very nice and good to me. They took care of us like their own children. They took us to many places like zoo, climbing. My memorial moments were in climbing because me and Sumit enjoyed all day with our host family. I was very sad to leave my host family but I was also happy to meet new friends. I was happy to teach others our cultural dance and to learn their culture dance. From Brave kids I learned so many knowledge, feeling of team work.

At last I am very thankful to my brothers and sisters and Mummy.”

From Badal: 

“Firstly I would like to thank you Brave kids team and ROKPA for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. I am very thankful and grateful towards them.

I had unforgettable experience of my life in Brave kids. It was my 2nd time in Brave kids but as a Brave Youth this year. It was quite similar experience as Brave kids. There were some differences but mostly same. I had to help artistic instructors to coordinate among the kids and directly involving in the performance. I had to create some ideas which would help artistic instructors to make the best performance. So, I did that and they were so happy too. At the end of the day in Poland I felt like I was meant to be Brave Youth but not Brave kids.

Different colors, different flags, different people, different culture, everything different. But I knew how it is going to be in Brave kids so it was not hard for me. I love the way Brave kids does its work by saying ‘Kids teaching kids’. Directly or indirectly each child were teaching each other and I could see clearly through my eyes. All kids were enjoying learning and teaching new things. I enjoyed a lot. Dancing and singing in different way. I didn’t know what I was doing but I loved it.

I can say that I made friends from all over the world. All kids were students as well as teachers too. It was quite hard to communicate with them but we managed somehow. We did really work hard to make the final performance. We worked together by connecting each other’s identity. And I am so grateful towards all the artistic instructors. They were always active, smiley, funny and always motivated us.

In Brave kids I played guitar often. They enjoyed a lot and were happy to hear my music. I saw many instruments which are quite unfamiliar to me. But, we made beautiful music for dancing. I was motivated by these moments.

It was the time of Parade and we had to show some performance. One of the BK members asked me to sing song and that was my 1st chance because I did not came to BK as a performer. And I sang ‘Hallelujah.’ I felt relaxed and happy that everyone was enjoying the song. At the end of the parade a woman came to me and said ‘I cried when I heard your song and asked me to take photo with her. I felt, blessed. What else does a musician need more than this?

We rocked the stage and stage was on fire. Even we were not professional dancers we made everyone happy. We did our best. Everyone praised us. At the last moment everyone cried. Such a sad moment to say good bye.”

*Badal also wrote and performed a song called “Goodbye”, inspired by his experience in the Brave Kids Project, you can read the lyrics here.


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