Brave Adults on Brave Kids, chapter 5: Rachid

This week on “Brave Adults on Brave Kids”, we have a short text from Rachid, who was a Brave Kids 2015 group leader and a group organizer in Brave Kids 2014 – 2019 for the group YACD Aissawa Kids (Taroudant, Morocco):

“As a leader, I am very glad to say that Brave Kids is one of the best projects and events I’ve ever seen. It is not only an artistic event, but it is a great school. A school where kids as well as kids learn global citizenship values such as tolerance, love, respect, modesty, altruism, responsibility, initiative, to mention but a few.

I personally learnt a lot of things and fostered my vision and my attitudes. In addition to arts it was an occasion to learn about Poland.

Brave kids is an event that once you come to live it, you will never forget it and would always long for participating again and again. All the kids who participated in the previous editions were really satisfied and admit that it has a positive impact on them.  

The love I have for brave kids, made me willing and hoping to organize a similar project here in Morocco. An event that would change the way people look at arts.

Thank you all, organizers, volunteers, host families! I love you so much and wish you all the best!”





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