Brave Kids on Brave Kids, chapter 18: ROKPA International (part 1)

This week on Brave Kids on Brave Kids, we have short texts written by Dechen, Raju Kumari and Sanjay, members of ROKPA International (Nepal), who has been a long time partner of the project:


From Dechen:

“Firstly when I heard that I was selected for Brave Kids this year as well. I felt happy and sad at the same time. I was happy because I can again meet my friends and host family from last year. I liked it more this year then compared to the last years’ experience. I felt sad because of my complicated situation of making documents. But, this time at Immigration we passed as easily as it was surprising for us. But, we were happy that we made it all well. So, I reached Poland and my 1st meeting became with my new host family. We spend our 2 weeks with them. They were all so kind and good to me. All people in Poland are so kind and friendly with all.

I met so many good friends. We were 1st performing in different city called ‘Siechnice’. So, we all worked together as a team and performed together. We all learnt from each other by sharing their cultural songs and dances. And when I met all the Brave Kids from different city in Oborniki I felt so happy. So, this year’s brave kids experience was so great and beautiful.

Thank you Brave Kids.”


From Raju Kumari:

“25th April 2018 was my luckiest day in my life when I got selected to visit Poland. I was very happy and excited. But, mostly I would like to thank my Mum, brothers and sisters who gave me this chance to visit Poland.

We started our journey on 17th June. 2018. Entering the International airway made me feel more excited trip to Poland. Actually we went there for cultural exchange program. As from Nepal, we were 6 kids and 1 Leader. We had our own host families who were very nice to us and took good care of us. We celebrated the festival for 25 days. There were kids participating from 22 countries and we performed all together. In that short period of days, we got the greatest chance to share our Nepali cultural dances. I made many friends, brothers, sisters and new family. We also gained many knowledge, feeling of cooperation etc.

In 25 days my life was full of laughter, happiness and enjoyment. The environment of the place was completely different from Nepal. It was very clean. The people from Poland were very nice, kind and helpful. Lastly for me the most important happiness was getting opportunities to share our Nepali culture and present Nepal on behalf of our Nepali family.”


From Sanjay:

“Being there in Poland with more than 120 kids from different parts of the world was extraordinary for me. It was something different extraordinary for me. It was something different that I had expected. I met so many friends and I shared with them my story and they shared theirs. There were different groups from different countries and they had their own performances. There was an act which was completely related with their culture and to see that and learn from them was the best part of this tour.

I learned so many cultures from different countries people and the important thing is that I did got chance to share my culture with them as well. We had lots of fun while we rehearsed. I learned so many things, ideas, knowledge that helped me to fulfill some of my dreams. The way we learn and teach our culture was quite unique and interesting as well. It was a great opportunity for me to take part in Brave kid’s festival. And the most important thing is now I know I am brave and this feeling appeared in me only because of Brave Kids.

Thank you.”



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