Brave Adults on Brave Kids, chapter 4: Viacheslav

This week on Brave Adults on Brave Kids, we have four stories from Viacheslav Matveev, who was the group leader from the Mongolfiere Theatre Circus, St. Pertersburg (Russia) in Brave Kids 2018:

For the children, Brave Kids has become one of the most significant events of the summer of 2018, which they remember very often.


Story with the bus

Our group was bringing some circus props to the project. We traveled by bus via Riga. In Riga, we had time to walk for a few hours. So we decided to put all our belongings including the circus stuff to the storage room. In order to bring backpacks, monocycles, circus suitcases, bags from the bus stop to the luggage room, each child was carrying several bags and backpacks. Packages, monocycles, suitcases were taken in hand. Each had both hands occupied. I took on my back a huge 2 meter roll (acrobatic track rolled up into a big roll almost twice the size of me) and our whole group looked like a caravan. We clearly aroused the interest of people.

Story from the trampoline center

On one of the weekends of Iwona (one of the host mothers in Bialystok) took the girls to the trampoline center: Polina and Dasha. Polina jumped on a trampoline, and then laid on her back, on the floor next to the trampoline and closed her eyes. She just decided to lie down. Polina sat next to her. The instructor came up and asked in Polish if she is breathing (‘oddychać’ in Polish)? In Russian it is very similar to the word ‘rest’ (отдыхать). Polina replied that Dasha is not resting, but just decided to lie down on the floor, with her eyes closed. The instructor was very scared, because he thought that the girl was not breathing. Iwona arrived in time and clarified the misunderstanding. The instructor calmed down.

Armwrestling in a cafe

In one of the cafes where the participants and organizers of the Brave Kids had lunch, the children spontaneously had an idea to compete in armwrestling. It was a real show. The girls participated on a par with the boys. All the teams of Brave Kids turned into fans, and at the table, clutching each other with their hands, two young armwrestlers were sitting and trying to tilt each other’s hand to the table. Cheerleaders shouted and screamed so that the cafe for a few minutes turned into an arena of fighters. But the friendship won eventually.

Story about the Meeting

In the summer of 2018, our theater and circus troupe was divided into 2 parts. Part 1 went to Białystok to Brave Kids project. Part 2 went on tour to Italy and Germany. One day, the touring part on the way to Russia could visit Białystok. It was an amazing meeting of joy, impressions, emotions … The guys reunited in one group gave a circus performance for all participants and organizers of Brave Kids in Białystok.




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