Brave Kids on Brave Kids, chapter 17: Zahessi 5

This week on Brave Kids on Brave Kids, we have the written impressions from the members of the Georgian group Zahessi 5, who participated in Brave Kids 2018:


From Nutsa (12 y.o.):

“For me, Brave Kids means more than singing, dancing, acting or playing. Brave Kids means Friendship, support, exchanging opinions about certain situations, getting to know to other country’s traditions, culture or language. Brave Kids supports every kid’s dreams, hopes and ideas.”

“They bring together people from different countries and give them something, that unites us, that makes us one body, one soul, one person. Project unites us all, for one purpose, to educate each other, to exchange art and to make new friends.”


From Gvantsa (11 y.o.):

“I remember, having  my first concert on the first day! I was very nervous, being on stage. I had to say something about each song, but I was anxious and messed up a little bit.”

“Our host family on our trip to Wroclaw was a local Georgian family. We were happy, because, the feeling when you see a person, who is from same country as you, makes me happy. We strolled through night time Old Wroclaw and ate delicious ice cream.

“I had a tight communication with instructors – Emma and Ilona. They are very friendly persons and they gave us good advices before shows.”

“When I was in camp, I, my sister and kids from Iran and Israel were sitting around the fire singing songs and frying mushrooms and marshmallows on fire.”

“The grand finale was amazing! There were lots of emotions and we cried a lot. I miss everyone so much! This is my favorite memory of all.”


From Ketevan (16 y.o.):

“This project taught me many things. First of all, friendship and besides that, I had a great experience about having concerts and how to act in it. I return home very happy.”

From Luka (14 y.o.):

“I think, this project is very good for kids to realize, that there are more songs to be sang and more dances to be played with others and not alone.”


From Nanuka (11 y.o.):

“This is the Best project so far I have ever been in. Host families, instructors, children were the Best. I made lots of new friends from Israel, India, Iran, Poland… They are all so friendly. I spend such a good time while being in this project . And the most important thing is that they don’t mind your nationality, material status or religion. It is very cognitive project.”

From Vakhtang (13 y.o.):

“I only dreamed about it before, but it is quite different when you experience it yourself.”

“I saw and heard many interesting things about people, dishes, dances, traditions and Polish culture.”


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