Brave Kids on Brave Kids, chapter 16: Austè, Kipras and Adomas

This week on Brave Kids on Brave Kids we have the transcription (the video is publish in our Facebook page) of a lovely video from Austè, Kipras and Adomas: three members of the Lithuanian Folk Dance group Seltinis who participated in Brave Kids 2018:

Folk Dance Ensemble “Seltinis”, Lithuania

Kipras: Hello everyone, we are from the Lithuanian Folk dance group Seltinis. In 2018, we have been on the project Brave Kids in Leszno and we had the Grand Final at Wroclaw.

Auste: there we met a lot of new friends and we learnt to appreciate another countries and cultures.

Adomas: we went there for a whole month, we lived with families and I had good connections with them.

Kipras: And we learned to dance other cultures’ dances. In this project I improved my english skills. THe most memorable moments of the project were the repetitions. We loved to be with other people and of course, to dance!

All of them: Best wishes from Lithuania!


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