Brave Kids on Brave Kids, chapter 13: Or Pui Chi

This week on “Brave Kids on Brave Kids” we have a text and selection of photos from Kitty Or Pui Chi, who participated in Brave Kids 2018 in Wałbrzych as a member of the Youth Drama Ambassador Scheme in Hong Kong:

“‘Cześć’ carries two meanings in Polish – ‘Hello’ and ‘Bye’. It’s the first Polish word I learnt whilst also my favourite one.

The first ‘Cześć’ with the Buryat girls and Lakhan, a Brave Youth participant from India, in the school performance, the first ‘Cześć’ with the Moroccan Brave Kid at the bus station, the first ‘Cześć’ with the Polish Brave Kid as well as Piotr and Sonia in the workshop… everything started with a ‘Cześć’.

Time slipped and we finally came to our last day. We had to say ‘Cześć’ again on the same platform but this time it meant ‘bye’… But we know, it would not be the last ‘Cześć’ of our friendship. It is a commencement of our long-lasting friendship full of ‘Cześć’, yet to be realised.”


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