Brave Kids on Brave Kids, chapter 11: Nanhi Dunya

During this “Brave Kids on Brave Kids” series, we have posted several impressions from the Indian group  Nanhi Dunya, who participated in Brave Kids Project in 2018 and we wanted to put them all together in one blog post.


Here are the impressions about Brave Kids from Purnima, Sumit, Khushi, Saniya and Divya:

Purnima: “I was part of Brave Kids and Cultural Educational Program for the year 2018. In this trip I have learned many things and have collected lots of beautiful memories. It was a wonderful experience for me and for my family, as I am the first person who has had the opportunity to go abroad. With the help of my learning from Brave Kids I have become more independent, confident and kind person. I got the opportunity to perform in the Grand Finale of Brave Kids, it was a larger than life experience for me. It gave me lots of confidence and also increased my ability to present myself in front of so many people. We got lot of respect from our friends who come from all over the world. I made friends for a lifetime. Dancing, singing, sharing, eating and making friends was the best part. I will always be part of the Brave Kids family and I wish to meet everyone soon!”

Poornima PhotoGrid

Sumit (transcribed): “For me Brave Kids is a medium for making emotion more strong and powerful. Brave Kids has helped me to find my future. We were able to make a strong relationship that I had never thought about. My thinking has changed a lot and I am glad that Brave Kids helped me to change it. It has not only changed how I feel emotionally but also it has changed how I look towards my life. Before I was a part of my normal routine that was going to school in the morning, then having lunch and after that I used do my homework. But one thing which I realized was that I was lost and I was not living my life. I was doing these things because my parents wanted me to do these things. I went to school because my father wanted, I was going to theatre class because my brother was doing it, but I did not know what I wanted to do in my life. After I went to Brave Kids I found myself, my imagination and the way I was living my life changed. Now I am doing those things that make me happy which has helped me in developing my skills. Not only this but it has also helped me to explore myself and be open to a new world. Now I can talk to a person who is from another country different than mine. I know how Iranian people drink tea, I have a Ukrainian traditional dress, and have lots of friends. Now I am more curious to know about this world. Before I used to watch YouTube video for just fun but now I use it to discover things and learn about different cultures. This is not only the thing that has changed in me but now I know what I want to do in my life. Now I love to make friends and talk to them, I make videos as I love to use the camera, I’m discovering more about this world and this is all because of Brave Kids.”

Sumit PhotoGrid

Khushi: “My name is Khushi and I’m 13 years old and I study in Nanhi Dunya class 8th. This year I represented North Indian culture in Brave Kids 2018. I think I’m very lucky and my school Nanhi Dunya gave me this opportunity which has changed my life. Brave Kids is a place where we learnt about other countries and their culture. And there we teach about our country and culture too. 

Do you know we are three sisters and we are from a small village. Whenever we visit the village, every person laugh at my family because we don’t have a brother, because we are three sisters. Everyone thinks on how will their parents afford their education but my parents are very brave. My mother brought us to Vikasnagar (the place where we stay and go to school).

My mother always taught me don’t listen to people, just do your best and you will shine immediately. She always told me that I am her son. My mother left my father in the village and she came here in Vikasnagar to educate us. But my father comes to visit us often.

Nanhi Dunya gave me this beautiful opportunity to go to Poland and Ukraine in Brave Kids. Ashu “Didi” came to my life like an angel, she changed my life. Now whenever I go to my village, people respect my family and now my family is very happy and now my father believes that I am not her daughter I am her son.”

Khushi PhotoGrid

Saniya: “We met people from many cultures who have become our friends. In the future they will visit us and we will visit them. We learn their languages, cultures, songs and dances. When we came back to our school we taught our friends about their culture.

[…] Now I feel I am a better confident person and I am very thankful for this opportunity which was given me by Ashu Didi from Nanhi Dunya. They chose me to go to Brave Kids and represent my country and myself. I am an Indian girl and I want to make my family and my village proud.

[…] In the future I will take lots of children from India to Brave Kids free of cost.

Thank you for everything.

Love and regards,


Saniya PhotoGrid

Divya: “My name is Divya Chauhan”. I am a part of Brave Kids. When we go there we represent North Culture India. We enjoy it there. We learn there many dances, songs, languages. There are very good friends. It is a very nice experience for me. Thank you.”

Divya PhotoGrid


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