Brave Kids on Brave Kids, chapter 10: Ghazal

For the tenth chapter of “Brave Kids on Brave Kids”, we have a beautiful text written by Ghazal Haghighatjoo from Qazvin Music Academy (Iran), inspired of peace in the Brave Kids  Romania in 2018:


What a pity to have you while I got drowned in sadness…!

I guess it was just here I lost it; just in this village, in this alleyway. It’s been lost for years! I thought I had forgotten it, but something screamed silently in the depths of the darkness of my mind, “There is a lost one that must be found…!”

Neither in the midst of my tumultuous thoughts, nor in the ruins of my heart there is any trace of it… These days, its absence is more evident than ever, and the need for it is felt more day after day!

I will do my best to find it; I know, I should no longer be looking for it in this town, but I’m sure it still lives in the hearts of some, the hearts of those who say the words have their own worlds; the ones who speak, and do not scream; those who are beside you, not opposite to you, even if you are not innocent; and those who have kept this lost one laboriously…!

I cannot stand its absence any longer. In my head, there is a traffic of the words, like the traffic at 5:00 pm; the words lie beside each other and call for peace; they are also looking for peace as I am. Peace has long been lost in the ruins of war! These days, things are fighting each other!…

With the innocent weapon of the words, we have begun a soft war that destroys the heart and the soul of man; yes, we are able to wound each other with the words which can be a healing at any cost!

On the same battlefield we have made of our lives, we look for peace. Even those who challenge others on the battlefield are waiting in their privacy for the moon, but they do not know that at the very moment you are able to not forgive, but you choose to forgive; when you are able to break a heart, but you remain silent; when you are able to choke someone with your words and deeds, but you choose be kind; and at that very moment that you are powerful, but you choose not to show off, there is the point where peace appears and war is more meaningless than ever!

Then you can take away the curtains of your room and watch the blooms of the trees instead of flowers on the wall, watching the children play in the camps of love, color, and the smell of comradeship filled with the sounds of the neighbors, smiling the messiness of the trees in the fall!…

You can hold your cup of tea, listening deeply to the beautiful symphony of nature along with the person whom you love so that you will be immersed in peace, affection, and devotion, enjoying the sound of the crows of the weekend sunsets; and not caring about the hands of the clock’s race…!

Let us destroy the suffering of loneliness, not making each other lonelier. Let us not hurt, not be a pain, not be a regret, and put an end to the hidden tears and fears!

I and you must be a smile, must be a symbol of peace so that we can find peace and offer it to each other. We must come to terms with peace, so that it would once again greet the world, ringing the bells of the doors in order for us to begin the fifth season all together with the help of peace, acknowledging that:

reflection of war will never be the peace…!



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