Brave Kids on Brave Kids, chapter 7: Julius and Marija

Two weeks ago, we published on our Facebook page chapter 7 of “Brave Kids on Brave Kids”, which was a video from Julius and Marija from Lithuania. They participated with their Folk Dance Ensemble “Seltinis” in Brave Kids 2017 and 2018. Here’s the transcription of the video:

Julius: This project helped us a lot, when we were in Poland we learnt a lot.

Marija: The first thing was communication: we had to communicate with other things even though we didn’t speak the same language. And other thing was braveness. You have to be really brave to make new friends, to teach others our dances and songs.

J: Another thing I learnt is to respect other people, befriend them, build the relations with the people from other countries. Also, I learnt to be trustworthy, to be in the group and be trusted and trust each other. In final performance in workshops it really helped me.

M: Public speaking, some kids from our group were afraid to perform publicly. But after the whole project we are not afraid anymore, we can just stand up and say everything that we want.

J: Also, we learnt a lot of new words in other languages and befriended a lot of foreign people.

M: We got to know other cultures and traditions.

J: Such as from Georgia, Kenya, India, and many more.

M: In the whole process, our host families really helped us a lot, best wishes from us!

J: In the conclusion, Brave Kids is the project where there are children from all over the world. It teaches them to listen to each other, and shows them that all kids are the same, yet our cultures and traditions vary, which opens our eyes to a good and wide world.  

M: We participated in Brave Kids in 2017 and 2018 and we really hope to participate in the next years because we really liked it and we thing it’s an amazing project!


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