Brave Kids on Brave Kids, chapter 8: Julka

Today on  “Brave Kids on Brave Kids” we have a written text by Julka: Brave Kids participant, Brave Kids Leader and Brave Kids Volunteer!


“Brave Kids is the greatest project in the world really!
In 2013, I saw the project for the first time it was a breakthrough in my life, I saw how much can be done by learning from their culture and language.
My Dream was fulfilled in 2014. I participated as an artist from Poland, I met a lot of people and I got a lot of love from them with some friendships up to today. For the first time the performance on such a big stage has occurred and with so many people, I never believed that an ordinary girl from Warsaw will be in such a project !!
She believed in myself I gained value and passion, I learned to play instruments and sing songs in a different language, it is something beautiful. I also became a volunteer, where I saw responsibility and involvement in creating Brave Kids. It was not easy but I learned a lot from being a volunteer.
julka 5
After a hard and successful work of 2017, I became the leader of Hope4street, I met great leaders and their work, how they change the world, showed me different techniques of learning others, I met them personally and are wonderful people who have a lot of good in themselves and pass them on.
In 2018 I could see what Brave Kids look like from attitudes, people who manage it and how much work they put in, it is really hard work but also gives a lot of joy and experience that can be used later.
julka 2
Brave Youth was for me a form of becoming an artistic leader which I would like to be in the future, how to create great performances and how to teach others to exchange experiences, support themselves, love and respect. Brave Kids gives me a chance for personal development, and shows me new opportunities to fulfill myself, in every role, gives me the freedom I did not have before. I recommend everyone to be in the big family of brave Kids !!
See you soon :)”
julka 4

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