Brave Kids on Brave Kids

We are very excited to share with you the brand new “Brave Kids on Brave Kids” series, which consists of all of the wonderful impressions that former Brave Kids participants have sent us over the holidays. Today we start the series of impressions with a text written by Danylo Pukas,  who participated in Brave Kids 2018 in Tbilisi, Georgia:

I will never forget Brave Kids in Tbilisi !

Brave Kids in Tbilisi was an amazing experience! When I saw how Georgian Brave Kids participants danced in Wroclaw in 2016, I dreamt of learning their Georgian dance. It’s so powerful and special and its music stayed in my head for a long time! I felt the happiest person when I got to know our Sunflower theatre group was invited to Tbilisi for the pilot Brave Kids project in summer 2018! I knew I would meet my friends there and Georgia seemed to me a magic country with majestic mountains, open-hearted and hospitable people. It was the first time I flew by plane! It was the first time when I tried delicious Georgian food! And it was the first time I felt home in another country!

I remember how we worked together with children from Kazakhstan, Georgia, Buryatia and Ukraine preparing a performance only for a week. I remember two Nikas with whom we became good friends, girls and boys from Caritas who also made friends with us, our going sightseeing after the workshops, a visit to the aquapark with the group from Kazakhstan, going to the restaurant in the mountains with all groups to enjoy Georgian cuisine, tasty dinners prepared for us by Caritas workers, sunny weather, running and playing outside, playing football and the last day with a beautiful cake!

Our final performance was great and it was an unforgettable event for all the participants and those people who came to watch it ! We felt like super stars when we were asked to pose for the pictures with people from Georgia after the concert! I’d like to thank all organizers, instructors and all people involved in preparing Brave Kids project for giving us, children from different parts of the world to meet, make friends, learn from each other, share our culture and visit a new country!


bk impressions photo

If you are a former Brave Kids participant and want to share as well about your experience with the Brave Kids project, we encourage you to share your impressions with us in the way you prefer:
🔸a short text – reflection📄✏️
🔸a drawing / painting / any kind of plastic art 🎨
🔸a video 🎬
🔸a photo / compilation of photos 📷
🔸a dance 💃🕺
🔸a piece of music 🎼
🔸or any other way of self-expression
You can send all those pieces of art directly to Serena ( and Tako (, our EVS volunteers.


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