My experience as an EVS Volunteer in Brave Kids Together 2018

How to even begin to describe my experience as an EVS volunteer in Brave Kids Together? So many things happened in such a short amount of time. In just one week we laughed, we danced, we sang, we ate, we cried and laughed again. And it was beautiful.

Before Brave Kids Together, I honestly did not know what I was getting myself into as a volunteer in the Brave Kids project, having worked in the office for only a month. I had heard and read about the project over and over again and helped with the preparations but I felt that I did not fully understand it. Only when I attended (and participated!) in one workshop between the circus group and the girls from the Primary School at DSOSW No.12 for Children with Hearing Impairment in Wrocław, I knew I was being part of the beginning of something special.

It was great so see with my own eyes the “magic” of Brave Kids: kids teaching kids, helping each other and specially, giving a hand to those who needed more time to learn the dance moves.Time was precious, they only had five days to prepare a final performance, and they worked all day very hard but the results were worth it.


Day by day, the participants were growing closer to each other. The first day all of us could feel as if there was an invisible barrier dividing the groups but this was quickly overcome with every workshop prepared by the artistic leaders.I’m very grateful to have witnessed those international friendships blossom, not only between the young participants, but also between the leaders, who also had their own program.


In those seven days I had time to create great memories: playing Spanish cards at night with the georgians and ukrainians, the visit to the castle, the discos on the first and last the nights (I will never forget the feeling to dance the “Macarena” song with such a diverse group of people haha) and of course, the final performances in Wałbrzych and Wrocław, which I admit brought some tears to my eyes.

IMG_2748 (1) (1)

Before I finish, I wanted to thank my partner in crime, the wonderful (Yako)Tako, who was a great support and with whom I always have a laugh.


And last but not least, I wanted to do a shoutout to our wonderful ”seniorki”, Pani Halina and Pani Teresa, with whom even though we did not share a common language, we managed to communicate, work together and share a special bond without words, and I guess that is what Brave Kids is about.


I already miss my Brave Kids Together family and hope I can see them again soon, either in Poland, Spain or anywhere else in the world. Now it’s time to get ready for the next big adventure: Brave Kids Wrocław, which starts next week on the 9th of November! 😀


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