Brave Leaders 2018 Program, Oborniki Śląskie

Brave Leaders 2018 Program


The Brave Kids team is honored and grateful for having such an amazing, motivated and supportive group of Brave Leaders in Brave Kids 2018!

This year we had the honor of hosting:

The Leaders program is one of the most important and interesting parts of Brave Kids project. It is a great opportunity for group leaders to meet their colleagues from different countries and diverse cultural and social backgrounds, share their knowledge, experience and opinions. 

The first stage of the Brave Kids 2018 Leaders Program took place in Wrocław, Radziejowice, Przemyśl, Leszno, Siechnice, Białystok, Wałbrzych and Rzeszów, where the Leaders met each other for the first time and started to work in separated groups, involving also the local kids’ community.

The second stage took place in Oborniki Śląskie from 1 July to 10 July 2018 and involved the following activities:

  • Day 1. Integration, schedule and the camp rules.
  • Day 2. Evaluation of the first stage. Fears and expectation session.


  • Day 3. Workshop on Non-Formal Education, led by amazing TRATWA trainers Kuba Kurakiewicz and Svetlana Baran.

4The workshop not only included theoretical discussion on the nature of formal, informal and non-formal education, but also engaged the leaders in some non-formal practical exercises. =)


  • Day 4.  Discussion on the achievements and challenges in working with kids, part 1.


In the evening, we also had a great meeting with the Brave Kids Reunion participants from Iran, India and Poland.


  • Day 5. Seminar on the ‘Post-Brave Kids Experience: how can we help kids get through this stage‘ facilitated by our wonderful friend, an experienced psychologist and a big fan of the project, Diana Kubicz


  • Day 6. Discussion on the achievements and challenges in working with kids, part 2.


And the presentations from our fabulous EVS volunteers Tako, Tuğçe and Virginia about themselves and their experience with Brave Kids.


  • Day 7. Final Evaluation of Brave Kids 2018.


Our Dear and Brave Group Leaders!

Thank you for your participation and positive impact!!

We wish you all the best in your work with kids !!!

Brave Leaders 2018 Program was moderated by Malika Murzagali and Tako Kelaptishvili.

Photos taken by Piotr Spigiel  and Malika Murzagali.

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