Brave Youth 2018



In this new edition of Brave Kids 2018, we had the pleasure of having Badal (Nepal), Anjali (India), Adrian (Poland), Lakhan (India), Heidi (Hong Kong) and Julia (Poland) as the new Brave Youth Team. During the first stage of Brave Kids they were in different cities of Poland (Walbrzych, Radziejowice and Siechnice), and the second stage in Oborniki Śląskie.

Brave Youth is a parallel program of Brave Kids. Our purpose is bring to Poland young people who participated in previous Brave Kids editions as children and now are young adults supporting their communities and their development. One of the objective of this program is give them again the opportunity to experience the beauty of Brave Kids but from a different perspective. This young people can continue the process of learning that they started with their participation in the project the first time, but now they can help other children that are in their same experience.

The participants of Brave kids and Brave Youth are in direct contact in order to learn from each other. Brave Youth seeks to be a support for the children and a learning tool for themselves. In this way, the participants help the instructors during the rehearsals, and in the different activities that are taking place as volunteers.

Brave Youth Activities in the 2nd Stage:

  • Assisting Artistic Instructors at Brave Kids Workshop
  • Participating at Self Reflection Meetings
  • Leading Artistic Workshop with Polish Kids

Dear Adrian, Badal, Lakhan, Heidi, Julia and Anjali,

Thank you for your participation and your help in this new edition of Brave Kids!

We wish you all the best,

Brave Kids Team


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