Brave Kids Reunion

During Brave Kids 2018 we will produce a new  phase of Brave Kids, the Brave Kids Reunion Edition alongside our regular project. The Brave Kids Reunion will allow us to invite back six groups that have already participated several times in Brave Kids. Groups will be composed of 8-16 participants aged up to 18 years old.


The idea of this second phase of the project is for children who have participated before in Brave Kids to have an opportunity to participate again in a more intensive version of the project, renewing old friendships and building new ones, while diving more deeply into artistic and cultural exchange. Three groups each will be hosted in Wrocław or Radziejowice. Having fewer total groups with more participants in each group will create more time and space for artistic and cultural exchange and will also allow some participants to be hosted another time by the same families who hosted them in the previous editions. There will be still the chance for new participants to join the group.


The second phase of Brave Kids will give the participants the chance to develop their artistic career. They will learn more advanced artistic skills based on the Brave Kids model of working “kids teach kids”. 

“The country we are coming from is a land of diversity – says Naghmeh, the leaders of Iranian group – If you travel from South to North, East to West, you would face differences, from clothing to dance, from cuisine to stories, from languages to architecture. A pallet of paint which is shaping a beautiful painting” Our reunion group is not any less diverse than our country! Despite all the differences we have, we have managed to become a group and love one another. We have been practicing culture of peace and cooperation since a very young age. Participating in Brave Kids has been a great opportunity for all of us to practice friendship and the concept of coexistence with our peers from different nations and cultures. It has been a great influence on the way we think and act. As we are reuniting with our former Brave Kids pals, we hope of making a new nation, nation of Peace and Care!”


The project will begin in Wrocław and Radziejowice with a mini-festival of performances from each group. Each group will present a half-hour performance over the course of one weekend. During the workshops in their cities where they will work together for two weeks, they will create an artistically spectacular collaborative performance.  

In the second stage of the project, participants will travel to Oborniki Śląskie, where they will present their City Final Shows and work together with all other Reunion groups to create a Brave Kids Grande Finale. 

The idea of Brave Kids Reunion project was created during Grzegorz Bral, the artistic director of the project, visit to New Delhi. He had the opportunity to meet all the girls who participated in Brave Kids on behalf of Sarvam Foundation.

There are 7.6 billion people on Earth, and each person is special in his own way, and when people from all around the world are coming together for one great cause like Brave Kids, we get an amazing outcome that teaches us how powerful we are together, and what we can accomplish without negativity and hate.” – says Itamar, who participated in Brave Kids 3 times and will come back one more this years.

Itamar represents Ukulele for Peace, the Israeli organisation.  “Peace is possible!” is the motto of this group which seeks to encourage the spirit of solidarity amongst Israel’s different ethnic groups.  The orchestra was founded by the musician and ukulele performer Paul Moore, who realized that music and the uncontroversial ukulele could be a way to bridge cultures and overcome differences.  The group performs Arab, Jewish and Israeli music and uses the bright ukulele to bring together children and youth of different religions while incorporating their parents, schools and communities. Every ukulele in the hands of this group is a tool for social change.


Dan, another member of the group says “Brave kids changed my life in a very special way. It made me realise how similar we all are, and only languages really differ from one to another. Furthermore, it turned me much more active in a social way and helped me even back in my home country to talk with people, even if they look a little different.”

In total there will be six groups participating in the edition of Brave Kids Reunion:

Sarvam Foundation from India, The ‘Wałbrzych’ Song and Dance Ensemble from Poland, Caritas Georgia, Zahessi 5 from Georgia, Ukulele for Peace and Donya Insitute from Iran.

More details about all groups soon.

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