After Brave Kids: Hope for Peace

After Brave Kids: Hope for Peace


Parsa Nazeri (Iran, 18 y.o.) was a Brave Kids participant in 2013. Since he is now in Wrocław, we invited him to the Brave Kids office to help us with some things. One of the main tasks for Parsa was to write down his ideas on how Brave Kids influenced his life. Here are his reflections on the post-Brave Kids experience. 

Brave Kids” is the title of an international annual festival which was born in Poland. The goal of this festival is to familiarize 8 to 16-year-old children with cultures and nationalities of each other, providing them with the opportunity of living independently during the two-week period of the festival and finding courage and self-confidence.

Me and six other friends of mine participated in Brave Kids festival during 2013

Me and six other friends of mine participated in Brave Kids festival during 2013 With leadership of Roxana Mehrafzoun.

In order to take part in this festival, we had to prepare a 7 to 10-minute performance introducing our country and go to Poland.  Since one of the goals of this festival was exchange between the kids and getting to know the culture of each nation, in our school and  we decided to learn a bit  more about Iran and our culture, so we started attending courses for Iranian studies.

During this course I found out about a variety of issues concerning Iran, from history and geography to art and literature. Since this information was meant to be put into practice, I learned a great deal and enjoyed a lot.

At the same time, we attended many courses for preparing us to make a theatrical program which totally lasted 4 months. This course included the preparation of body, dance, drama and music.

The very trip itself and being in a training program was full of learning. Our stay in Poland lasted three weeks altogether and in the companion of other children from 30 countries, we gained a valuable experience.

2Brave Kids was one of the most productive projects I have ever participated in. On one hand, I got familiar with Iranian studies and on the other, I learned about a variety of artistic activities and cultures.

After 4 months of preparation for an artistic theatrical performance, our three-week trip to Poland and being present in an art festival was very fascinating and exciting for us. Apart from the cultural issues and encountering cultural variety, I made friends with many groups of teenagers from different countries and could make connections with them all. Each two persons from our group resided in a house of one of Polish families and that was the way I got acquainted with the host country’s culture. The connection I made personally with my host family has lasted so long that after 5 years we are still in touch and even they managed to come to Iran once.

3What excited me a lot was that at the closing ceremony of the festival “the final show”, 98 kids from different countries with different cultures went on stage and acted a performance altogether and without the feeling that any border is dividing us.

Hope for Peace.

I actually felt like growing up in this trip and festival. I made many friends and strangely had something in common to talk about with all of them. Thanks to social medias that we are still in touch.

5Brave kids program and festival was not only an artistic festival but also it was an endeavor to introduce the peace culture to youngsters of different countries.

This cultural exchange can be a starting point of the peaceful world.

This travel and the festival were a good experience to me. Trying to achieve discipline and independence was a suitable beginning for me. Being familiar with kids of other nations and the manner of communicating with them assisted me both in those days and in the future and also any other place.

Now in 2018 I am once again in Poland, waiting for my study permit to go and start a new chapter of life in Canada studying interactive arts, this would be my first experience of living all alone abroad.

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