Script for Brave Kids Georgia Final Performance

I. INTRO – greetings


Ha he yeh: A folk dance which belongs to Turkmen tribe who are originally from and still based in the north-east of Iran. The dance and the chant represent a healing prayer in which th performers get help from the universe (sky and the earth).


Song, music, and dance are extremely important parts of Abkhazian culture. Music varies from wedding songs, ritual songs, religious songs, lullabies, healing songs, and military songs. Drama and dance companies are found throughout Abkhazia, and are invited to perform at festivals during religious holidays

In dance, the movements of the women are smooth, flowing and gentle. The movements of the men are the opposite; their arms are rigid and high, which in some dances represent the mountains. Dances can happen anywhere, especially at weddings, festivals and feasts. Couples take it in turn to dance in the center of a circle formed by the other dancers.


It is a Polish traditional song. At night on 24th June the young girls sing this song and make a flowers ring, which they throw into the river. The boy who catches the ring he will be a feature husband of the ring’s owner.

The dancers perform Iranian dance with Polish music. This is the dance which has been inspired by carpet making, the mainstream job of women from Fars province located in the central-south of Iran. In the choreography we decided to show that young women will promise to one another that they will begin to work together happily and make the impossible become possible.


A folk love song which belongs to Gilan province where the mainstream job of the habitants is working on rice and tea fields and making side products from rice and other farming produce. Both men and women work equally on the fields and women have a key role on farms. In this love song you hear the man singing about his love in a very joyful and happy melody and asks the audience to agree with him by saying “AHA BOGOO” which means, “you say yes to what I say” What is special about this song is that while the song you can see how connected the job of people and their daily life with their feelings and emotions are.


This song is about a girl, who has to get married with an old man because of the Polish tradition.But she fell in love with one of the three brothers, and she knows that only 2 weeks they can be together. After then the girl has to become the wife of the old man.


Achla Chamuda אחלה חמודה by Beni Bashan – a song about a cute girl, which is a parody about the low level of Hebrew used in Israeli pop songs.

Loo Yehi לו יהי by Naomi Shemer, a very prolific Israeli song writer. The songs expresses human wishes for peace, happiness and serenity for us and our loved ones while painting pictures in the background of Israeli scenery and Jewish culture and tradition.

It is a poem written by Danuta Wawiłowa. Author try to answer how the wind looks like. The wind can be like a bird, a nest in the clouds, a horse and even like a boy in the ale of eight.


Each Georgian region is unique and different, with characteristic customs and traditional elements. Racha is one of the most beautiful Georgian regions, with its wonderful nature, special attitudes and very original traditional dancing and singing.

The dance music from Racha region is slow in the beginning, gradually becoming faster and faster and more and more rhythmic, so rhythmic that it is difficult to just sit and listen to it. Both girls and boys participate in the dance dressed in the everyday clothes used in Racha in olden times. Dresses are long, made of calico, with pinafores. Boys are in old Georgian style trousers and suits. They dance in a circle very harmoniously.


Hit the Road Jack written by Percy Mayfield was made famous by Ray Charles and the Raelettes. This rhythm and Blues song tells us a story about a couple’s dispute in which the female throws Jack out of their home because he is no good.


Siben, Sibenancing Lasha Tumbai, written by Verka Serduchka  represented the Ukraine at the 2007 Eurovision.


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