Brave Kids Team wishes to say a very big thank you to all the Group Leaders that helped us to realize Brave Kids 2017 and that shared their passion and they precious experience in working with children during our Leaders Program.

This year, we had the amazing opportunity to work with:

  • Martina Koptová, Foundation Good Romani Fairy Kesaj, Slovakia
  • Tamar Aragvishvili, Fifth Zurab Anjaparidze Art School, Georgia Zahessi 5
  • Julija Muningienė, Folk Dance Ensemble Seltinis, Lithuania
  • Urszula Borkowska, Group RIDETO from Children’s Home in Krasne (Janusz Korczak Centre for Educational Care Services), Poland, Krasne,
  • Svitlana Manita, , ”Under the Bridge”, Ukraine, Lviv
  • Flavia Bittencourt, More Paths, Brazil
  • Ranjini Nair, India, Sarvam Foundation
  • Anastazja Grzeszak, Sylwia Salamaj, Songs and Dance Group Wałbrzych, Poland, Wałbrzych
  • Ammi Hidai, Little Bees, Mexico
  • Julia Powierza, Hope4Street, Poland, Warsaw,
  • Gica Paraipan, The Buds, Romania, Salcia-Tudor
  • Kateryna Usmienstseva, Novy Kadr, Ukraine, Kharkiv
  • Khalid Bentyeb, Youth Association for Culture and Development (YACD) Aissawa Kids, Poland, Wałbrzych
  • Iulia Ursan, Szkoła Tańca Reverence/Reverence Dance School, Moldova
  • Andżelika Toborek, Club Cordex, Poland, Wałbrzych
  • Nalan Sarikabak, Group TFD (Turkish Folk Dancers), Turkey
  • Naghmeh Limooee, Donya Children’s Research Institute, Iran
  • Violeta Vacaru, The Song and Dance Show Group, Romania, Pitești
  • Madina Demilova, Youth Cultural Practitioners, Poland, Warsaw
  • Svetlana Fedorova, The Arctic, Yakutia, Sakha Republic, Russia
  • Viviane Clement, USA, CircEsteem
  • Rusudan Oniani, Caritas, Georgia, Tblisi,
  • Peter Kipngetich Cherono, Koinonia Children Team, Kenya
  • Elmelda Mashingo, Ewelina Dublanska, Colourful Children, Wrocław, PolandA67A1040

The Leaders Program is one of the three main projects that run during the three weeks of our festival, toghether with the one dedicated to our Brave Kids and to our Brave Youth. It is a space to build relations, share expertise and find new ways to improve our work with kids and to maintain the partnership between Brave Kids and the Organizations rapresented by the Leaders, after the festival.

The first stage of Leaders Program took place in Wrocław, Warsaw, Przemyśl, Białystok ,Wałbrzych and Kosice, where the Leaders met each other for the first time and started to work in separated groups, involving also the local kids’ community. In the 3rd week, they met altogether in in Oborniki.

The Oborniki 2nd stage was articulated in this way:

  • Day 1: discussion about the schedule, logistics and rules for groups
  • Day 2: integration activities and presentation of Leaders’ organization. Meeting with Brave Youth: presentation about Youth’s experience after Brave Kids
  • Day 3: Self evaluation and needs assessment: achievement and challenges in working with kids.
  • Day 4: Mid term evaluation and meeting with EVS volunteers: what is EVS and workshop about intercultural adaptation.
  • Day 5: Logistic model and work strategies for NGOs. Intercultural workshops and sharing.
  • Day 7: Strategies to maintain our partnership, presentation with Contact Making Seminar participants
  • Day 8: What is happening after Brave Kids and final evaluation.

Integration activity: Blind Game

Leaders with Youth and EVS workshop

It was a pleasure to work with such inspiring and friendly people. The Program helped Brave Kids team to keep track of the projects’ outcomes and to collect precious feedbacks that will be precious for our work next year.


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