At the beginning brave kids are gracefully approaching the stage. This is one of the movements of the traditional Moldavian dance called Hora Prieteniei. The rhytmic song in the background is the Turkish Divane Asik Gibi.


Part one

Next in lively mood hustle dance is presented. It is a couple dance inspired by techniques like house or salsa.


Part two

The next dance in pairs is the folk one, which came from Turkey. Zeybek is shown accompanied by unique, traditional Turkish music. Its name means “brother” or “friend”.


Part three

After a short transition using the elements of the Moldavian dances, young artists are taking us to warm Turkey one more time. This time the Kasik Oyunu is presented. Kasik means “spoon”. The dance is unique in its rhythmicity played by the wooden spoons.


Part four

Now we can see the mix of the Moroccan dance – Lmizan and Cha-cha. Lmizan means “balance”, and the most important in the dance is the rhythm played by the drums. Next we could see the dancing dialogues which starts with Morocco. After that the Polish group is presented with Moldavian one with the last Turkish one. Apart from the joint show the time for admiration for the individual talents has come.


Part five

In this section we are going to concentrate only on the Moldavian culture. Together with the folk, Moldavian music the lively dance – Stramoseasca is presented. The dance is the essence of the Moldavia and it is one of the most known and the oldest folk dances.


Part six

The last part is the mix of many cultures. We can see now traditional Turkish dance from the region of  the Black Sea called Horon with solo Latin American performance. The song in the background is about Morocco, its famous cities, but also it is Morrocan request to God for peace and protection.


Every group shows the choreographic bow in their individual style.

Script creators:
Ilona Krawczyk
Creo Kellab

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