Scenario of Brave Kids Wrocław Final Show


Scene 1: “Dead or Alive”

The opening scene shows the Brave Kids greeting one another using clowning techniques introduced by the CircEsteem (USA) group.

Scene 2: Kenyan Dance 1

The Orotu dance symbolizes happiness and is usually done during the time of harvest.

Scene 3: Georgian Dance 1

The boys present the Mtiuluri, a dance from the east of Georgia, while girls cheer them on.

Scene 4: Kata

Brave Kids share some moves from the Kolorowe Dzieci (PL) group.

Scene 5: Circus Song

A song taught to Brave Kids by the CircEsteem (USA) group.

Scene 6: Body Drumming + Circus

A mixed scene of body drumming and circus skills with music from the Kenyan group.

Scene 7: Belgijka

A Belgian dance that Brave Kids volunteers taught to kids during free time.

Scene 8: Georgian Dance 2 + 2 High

A mixture of excerpts of the Acharuli from northern Georgia and Acrobatics.

Scene 9: Babajka

A new take on the classic “red light, green light”  game with the addition of marimba.

Scene 10: What a Wonderful World + Moon Walk

Scene 11: Safari

A Kenyan song about going on a journey.

Scene 12:  Acrobatics

A mix of acrobatic skills from all the Brave Kids.

Scene 13: Georgia Solo

A longer excerpt of the Acharuli featuring the group from Caritas-Georgia.

Scene 14: Invisible Bench

More clowning humor from the Brave Kids. See what happens when a new kid joins them!

Scene 15: Kenyan Dance 2

Another dance the Kenyan group uses to warm up before training.

Scene 16: Do What You Want

Brave Kids have an opportunity to showcase their individual skills in couples.

Scene 17: Alive and Hug

A reprise of the first scene with a special ending.


The show was prepared by children from Kenya, Poland, Georgia, USA together with Brave Kids artistic instructors Kasia Timingeriu, Gabriel Almagro and Brave Youth participant Helen Wong.

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