Preparing for Brave Kids Georgia 2017.

The preparations  for this year’s edition of Brave Kids in Georgia are still in process and everyone can join.  We don’t need a lot of money to repeat the success of last year’s pilot project in Caucasus.

The organization of the project is being held by Tsira Meskhishvili and her organization Toleranti for the second time. This time the edition will take place in various places in the southern part of Georgia, Samkhe-Javakheti region. For ten days (18 -29.08.2017) young artists from Poland, Georgia, Iran and Israel will meet in the small village of Tsagvera on the historic railway line linking the famous spa towns of Borjomi and Bakuriani. All children will live together in a holiday resort where artistic workshops will take place.

There will also be a variety of Brave Kids program features: group shows, parades, performances. The parade will take place in Borjomi, where participants will present their talents and traditions by walking down the streets in a colourful procession. The final Brave Kids performance, a result of ten days of artistic work, will be shared with the public at Rabati Castle in Akhaltsikhe.


Children and young people will exchange their skills and cultures under the supervision of two artistic instructors – Mary Sadowska from Poland and Liako Gogidze from Georgia. Mary Sadowska is an experienced Brave Kids instructor, involved in the project for three years (including, in 2016, during the Brave Kids pilot in Georgia in Akhaltsikhe). Liako Gogidze is an actress at the Akhaltsikhe Theater, but she also has experience in running intercultural youth projects.


Brave Kids’ participants in Georgia are Polish dancers from the Dance Effort group from Krakow, musicians of Ukuleles for Peace organization from Israel, young actors from several Iranian cities centered around Donya Children Research Institute, Polish folk group from Wałbrzych and dancers from two local vocal and dance groups.  During the artistic workshops, the international group will prepare a final performance. The multi-colored spectacle, which is a collage of various traditions and cultures, will be available on August 28th on stage at the Rabati Fortress in Akhaltsikhe.

The main organiser of Brave Kids in Georgia is the Toleranti organization with the headquarters in Akhaltsikhe. This year’s Brave Kids edition  in Samkhe-Javakheti region is also supported by KONA, which works in the field of education for children and youth in Georgia. Jana Kowalova from KONA will lead the Brave Kids leaders’ programme.

The preparations for this year’s edition of Brave Kids in Georgia are still in process and everyone can join by:

– Joining our Brave Kids Georgia campaign: A Life Changing Opportunity

– Participating in the Brave Kids Final Performance in Akhaltsikhe, 28.08.2017, 18:30

– Joining as a volunteer during Brave Kids in Georgia (18-29th August 2013)

More info:

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