Brave Youth Blog: ALI AL-HASANI

As a parallel project to the 8th edition of Brave Kids, Brave Youth 2017 offers former Brave Kids participants the opportunity to experience the beauty of Brave Kids one more time. In this way, we hope to give continuity to the learning process that was initiated years before. Our plan is to bring back to Poland young people who participated in the Brave Kids project as children and have now grown to become young adults who continue supporting their communities through art or in any other way and contribute to other people’s growth. Young people who are now too old for Brave Kids participation can keep the positive energy of Brave Kids and have a chance for an international experience with peers one more time. Our goal is to make a change in the lives of both Brave Kids and Brave Youth by providing them with an opportunity for cultivating discovery, personal growth, leadership, teamwork, and compassion.

We will invite 4 young people aged 18-23 from different countries to take part in Brave Youth from 17.06.2017 to 11.07.2017. We want to directly connect Brave Kids participants with Brave Youth so they can inspire each other. We believe that by sharing the example of the work that Brave Youth do in their local environment, Brave Kids will be inspired to try to do the same in the future. Brave Youth will also have the opportunity to engage in the artistic elements of Brave Kids alongside professional artistic instructors so they can increase their artistic skills. They will stay close to Brave Kids participants assisting artistic instructors as volunteers. Staying with Polish host families will allow participants of Brave Youth and local families to gain an inside look into other cultures and traditions. During the program participants will also have chance to present their work in the local communities.

Ali Al-Hasani


Age: 22
Nationality: Palestine
Brave Kids Edition: 2011 (Wrocław)


I’m a senior student at Computer Science department and currently enrolled at Erasmus scholarship at the University of Warsaw. At the same time, I am a theatre actor. I have participated in more than 9 plays, and I have experience in teaching drama to children in schools. Furthermore, I volunteer at a group of over 100 volunteers who have been working on spreading the concept of volunteering and charity work in Gaza, Palestine since August 2011.

Why do you want to participate in Brave Youth?

I have applied for this program because I found there a chance to achieve my ambition. The ambitions that I am not capable to fulfil in my own country for many reasons, whether they are political, economic, or even educational reasons. Therefore, I think being oriented and inspired by the festival experts will definitely enable and enhance my abilities and skills, vision, creativity, and heighten my innate ability to learn and develop.

Brave_Kids_Malkowice_fot_Joanna_Stoga (11)
Ali at Brave Kids – 2011

What changes do you make in your community?

The biggest change I want to make in my community is related to promoting Automation System. I think it will make a lot of difference in daily life, to use computer systems instead of paper system. Apart from that, I would also like to increase the awareness of Drama and the arts among the people of my country.

Ali teaching Drama to children in Gaza

What do you think that makes a good leader? Why?

I believe that I have all the needed skills and abilities of comprehension, analysis, good communication skills, negotiations skills and a strong motivation. I know for a fact that by choosing this field of work and cultural exchange experience I am going to face big challenges, yet I believe the bigger they are, the more I will be determined to succeed.

What would be for you the ideal profession?

Computer Science Professor

Warsztat_Maski_fot.Joanna_Stoga (61)
Ali at Brave Kids – 2011

Words for the Brave Kids

In your life, there are many opportunities that can change your destiny, so you have to be open-minded to accept them as they are and to challenge yourself in order to increase your knowledge and experience.

The most important things to keep in mind is family and friends relationships as they make the meaning of life. So even if you have a busy day or a bad day, just make sure that you have some space for your family and friends, do not lose the people who love and care about you.


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