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March 29

It’s been almost one month since I arrived in Wrocław. In one month I’ve gone from feeling like a tourist in a cute European town to feeling quite at home in my ‘post-Soviet’ish area of Wrocław. It might seem easy to recount one-month events in one’s life. However, I don’t have a clear picture of what I’ve experienced so far. All these new places, new people … I try to keep record of the most salient days though. These are the first EVS gatherings, Balkan & Gypsy music concert, the three free walking tours we’ve done (yeah, I’m quite a big fan of the FWT concept =), planting trees/bushes with the Brave Kids community, the amazing culinary workshop with the Mexican opera singer Julieta, the catharsis provoking performance of ‘Wyspa’ in the Song of the Goat theatre … Since I’m being completely unable to articulate what I feel now, let me use the easier way to convey it, i.e. the photographs. Here we go, the first pic shows what I found on the front door on my arrival. I instantly felt at home thanks to my amazing flatmates Martina and Dóra


BIEDRONKA, the Polish word for a ladybird, was actually one of the first words I learnt here (cuz there is a ‘Biedronka’ shop right next to my home). The pic was taken during the tree planting event with the Brave Kids community.


Here is the group (in fact, part of a way bigger group) of EVS volunteers in Wrocław. Having people from Italy, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Russia around reminds me very much of the crazy Erasmus experience I had almost a year ago! Vivat multi-frutti ❤


The next pic was taken during the play of ‘Wyspa’ [Island] which is a loose adaptation (I’d even say a post-modernist interpretation) of Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’. There was so much in there — a good portion of human madness, flying chairs, a set of mirrors facing the audience, anguish, joy, Georgian and Arabic musical motives — so I still have to process it all!


Hope the upcoming months in Wrocław will be as busy and exciting as the first one!

Do zaboczenia!


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