Experiencing Brave Youth! 2016

TEXT&PHOTOS: Patricia Galvan, EVS volunteer

In this edition of Brave Kids a new project called Brave Youth happened for the first time. This program was directed to youth who once participated in Brave Kids and have grown with the desire to keep in touch with the people they met in their first experience, to inspire themselves and to promote and participate in the development of their own communities.


Collaborating as a member of Brave Youth team was a great and unique experience! I feel full of happiness, proud and accomplished. I cannot imagine a better (and incredible) opportunity to meet new people, learn from them and live together, than these past weeks with our seven Brave Youth. Over these last weeks I had the opportunity to dive into the wonderful cultural diversity that exists on our planet. Each of these youth came from different countries – Poland, Nepal, Uganda, Chechnya, Israel and Norway – backgrounds and cultures. However, each and everyone carried fresh ideas and the common aims to learn through art and develop a project in their communities.

The Brave Youth program was focused on raising awareness in youth in order to build a better world through small steps, which can eventually contribute to the development of their communities. Each participant created a unique individual project – an idea which could potential help someone from their society. For each of them it was a tricky and hard work because of the differences between each of their countries. Nevertheless this differences and difficulties were overcome thanks to cooperation and a spirit of giving support to each other, which inspired a performance created by the group.

We have had many funny moments, the best every day looking for Adam, spending time together, going to the theater and visiting the city. It was also a good plan when we met the boys and their families an afternoon to taste different dishes each prepared and spend the afternoon chatting and finding out a little more about each.

In spite of being part of Brave youth team day after day, I was myself a part of the youth group and learned even more about their different cultures, life and art.

For me, this experience created powerful friendships. The connection between us will be the base for this challenge of social change we are eager to embrace. We have built relationships based on our cultural diversity which I believe is vital to form communities with enough power to achieve significant goals.


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