Brave Kids Performance 2016

Scene 0–”Hello”

The Brave Kids enter and greet one another in their native languages and prepare to begin the show!


Scene 1–”Kadodi”

A dance from eastern Uganda, Kadodi is traditionally danced by the Bagisu tribe during Imbalu to celebrate the rite of passage into manhood.

Watch the video of the Brave Kids dance here


Scene 2–”Moroccan Stick”

A dance from Eastern Morocco called Rgada. The sticks the Brave Kids dance with feature the colors of the Moroccan flag.
(Transition: “Volare” Saxophone Solo featuring popular Italian song.)

Scene 3–”Dui Dui”

Brought by the group from Slovakia, this Roma song tells the story of a man who hopes to someday have the courage to kiss the one he loves.

(Transition: “Ow Sirun” — An Armenian song written shortly after the Armenian genocide, it speaks of love within a subtext of betrayal and loss.)

Scene 4–”Flash Mob”

Choreographed by the group from Indonesia, this dance combines steps originally set to songs from Java, Kalimantan, Papua, and Sumatra.


Scene 5–”Flamenco”

Flamenco steps set to a popular Spanish song about an unusual man and his chance meeting with an old woman.


Scene 6–”Mexican Dance”

From the coast of Oaxaca, the dance La Chilena tells the story of the native people and their interaction with nature.


Scene 7–”Tamang Selo”

A traditional dance for couples of the Tamang ethnic group in Nepal.


Scene 8–”Polonez”

All the Brave Kids share the national dance of Poland!

Scene 9–”Golezardom”

A love song from the Khorasan area of northwest Iran gives way to rap lead by Warsaw’s Hope 4 Street.


Scene 10–”Battle”

An opportunity for Brave Kids to show their talents and engage in some friendly competition.

Scene 11–”Marriage”

A popular Israeli song is paired with “The Seven Steps,” a Persian dance of the Ghashgaei nomadic tribe, in this scene depicting a young man’s search for a bride and the celebration of their marriage.


Scene 12–”Taal and Story”

Kathak dance from India is fundamentally a form of storytelling. The first part of this scene features simple rhythms, while the second depicts the young god Krishna playing with friends. When he accidentally throws the ball into a river where a many-hooded snake lives, he must fight the snake and conquer it with love.

(Transition: “Mother Song” was written by a ROKPA beneficiary in Kathmandu, Nepal to honor Lea Wyler who has improved the lives of so many children through her work)

Scene 13–”Kaera Jaan”

A traditional Estonian song and dance from the late 19th century.

(Transition: Alunelu Solo)


Scene 14–”Alunelu”

Children in Romania learn this song from a very young age. The dance that accompanies it is made up of four traditional steps from four different parts of Romania.

Scene 15–”Circus”

Assorted circus and acrobatic arts from all Brave Kids groups.

(Transition: Moroccan Song–A popular Moroccan song from the 1970s band Nas Lghiwan)


Scene 16–”Ukrainian-Georgian Dance”

A fusion of Ukrainian and Georgian dance set to Georgian music from the mountainous southeast (Mtiuluri) and the southwest (Rajuli).

(Transition: Solo Song–an excerpt from a recent popular Moroccan song by the singer Asmae Lmnewar)


Scene 17–”Hinematov”

A traditional Israeli song about family and brotherhood and the joy of spending time together.

(Transition: Moroccan Clarinet Solo–larger versions of this instrument are played at weddings and other celebrations)


Scene 18–”Pajdusko”

Originating in 1860 in a small Macedonian village, this dance is popular at weddings and other celebrations.

Scene 19–”Polca Nova”

An energetic re-imagination of the traditional dance from Moldova.


Scene 20–”Chikita”

An old popular song and dance from Brazil that the Brave Kids love to do to unwind after a long day of work!


The End!

122 kids from 19 countries* performed in the Brave Kids Grand Finale in Centennial Hall on 12th of June 2016 in front of 1600 people.

*Georgia, Mexico, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Iran, Spain, Slovakia, Uganda, Brasil, Romania, Indonesia, Israel, Morocco, Moldova, India, Nepal, Estonia, Ukraine.

The scenario of the Brave Kids Grand Finale 2016 was prepared in Oborniki Śląskie by Jacek Timingeriu, Ilona Krawczyk, Kathy Lawson, Mary Sadowska, Kasia Timingeriu, Katarzyna Venka, Gabriel Almagro, Mateusz Mefo Godlewski, Macin Misiura, Roman Sorger, Piotr Szewczyk.

Photos by Sławek Przerwa

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