Smell of the performance is in the air

O made made flo-o-re – you could hear from one room.

Dumm-cikk, dumm-cikk – came from the other one.

Group leaders got to know each other with new kids.

Brave Kids did/played energizing games before workshops.

We started a new week with new challenges.


Brave Kids during work


Polish kids – Ole!

This week the group leaders are facing how to work with kids whose language they are not speaking, namely with polish children.  O made made flore clapping game worked pretty well on the first day in catching their attention since they were everywhere in the room.  They started to sing a bit diffident, but when it was about learning how to say Hello in different languages, more precisely in Arabic, Georgian, Mexican and Ukrainian, the enthusiasm raised. Let’s shout – was heard:




Dzien dobry.

It was a good start before the next steps: learning polish songs aaand the movements from the Moroccan dance, those ones, which the group used in their First Performance. The atmosphere transformed to one of a fairytale: children dancing to that energetic, but in the same time chill music, the dwarf-village background on the wall, the laugh and the enjoyment –was very pleasant to watch them. With this maneuver they already started to prepare to Friday’s performance, without realizing it.  Smoothly and natural. Good job, leaders!

By the time what was happening in the other room with the brave ones? Let’s see.

 After they were gathered all together- yes, on the first day of the week it was a bit difficult to do that, they had an awesome weekend with their host families- and after the warming up with this dumm-cikk rhythm, they started to  teach each other. I just caught the moment, when the group from Georgia was showing the steps from their dance they are blowing up everyone’s mind with. That is to say, the three Georgian guys like to be in the center of the attention, so to share the moves it is not a problem at all. We are all curious about further growth in the “kids teach kids” process. Every day is a new start filled with new challenges; which also means there are the other countries turn to be in the spotlight during workshops.


Whose next?

Csenge Gábosi – EVS volunteer, Leaders Program Assistant

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