First week: challenge accomplished!


               The first week just passed. Very fast. Things were hectic, but fun at the same time. The feeling is like: you’re doing this since forever, because everything is so intense, you can’t separate the time levels only going ahead with your duties and enjoy.
Since last Sunday, everyone is very excited. Georgia, Morocco and Ukraine arrived by that time – beside Mexico and Slovakia, namely they were expected on Monday- so we finally had the possibility to meet the children and their leader. And what is the best way to get to know each other? Games, of course, and a nice integration picnic. So we all gathered in Park Tolpy, full with enthusiasm and curiosity for each other, and started to play. However the kids were quite tired after their trip to Poland –yes, some of them were travelling more than twenty-six hours – everything went so smoothly and natural. They couldn’t wait to arrive to Wroclaw to start the project, to meet new people and to make new friends from different cultures which were their motivation to go above their tiredness and start the icebreakers.

They were needed for Monday, when everyone was all together at Klub Anima: all the brave kids with their leaders and the staff. The work could start!
Since the project is based on the idea “kids teach kids”, the children and their leaders are participating in different activities by the time. For our main characters the artistic leaders are keeping workshops, which happens every day, and the group leaders are being prepared how to work with the polish children on the second week, also collecting some ideas from each other how to develop in the future.
The mood is filled with energy every morning. The kids are buzzing, running around and having a good start of the day. I don’t even know from where they gain that much energy after a long day full with work.
On Tuesday we had the first Group Performances, which every group had prepared in their own countries before they came to Poland, to present us their skills. Well, what to say… these kids are talented. Very much! The fascinating show blew up everybody’s mind. The audience was impressed by the kid’s knack and their encouraging applause made them even braver for the rest of their time here and not just. The next day with the same performance they had the same reception, namely they were welcomed in the Center of Deaf Kids where they made a great achievement: they made the audience “to shake”.

In the second part of the week the accent was more on the work and the activities between them. And on Aquapark, of course, which was the other highlight of the time beside the performances.

The temperature was high and was getting higher day by day. The situation started to get close to one of an oven’s, but everyone took the challenge very heroically. So I could say the motto for this period became “Sweating, working and be brave”.
What about the group leaders? They had their first public speech on Friday in Barbara, where they presented their organizations they work with in their countries, also shared the way and the techniques they use during their work with kids by including the participants into the workshops and games they brought for them.
It is very nice to see how easily they exchange their experiences between each other, in general, even thou some of the people doesn’t have a common language –here I am talking about both generation -. The children can deal with this situation more easily, doing everything to make themselves understood, yet the leaders aren’t creating unnecessary barriers either.

Csenge Gábosi – EVS Volunteer, Leaders Program Assistant

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