Preparation in progress. Wroclaw’s cultural centres

Text&photos: Kathy Lawson
Yesterday the Brave Kids Team took a field trip to visit the workshop sites for this year’s festival here in Wrocław. As a relative newcomer to the city (yesterday was actually my one-month anniversary of being here in Wrocław!), it was also a great opportunity to see some new areas that I hadn’t quite made it to yet.
Our first stop was Klub Anima, the site for the first week of workshops and where the first group shows will take place on 21 June. We saw the rooms where the kids will meet and where the leaders will have their workshops. There is a good amount of space (something I was a little concerned about) and some nice big windows to let in natural light. There is also a playground nearby for kids to enjoy during their breaks and free time.
Klub Anima is just north of a beautiful park called Park Zachodni, and we walked through part of it to catch the bus to visit the second site: Centrum Kultury Wrocław Zachód (CKWZ). The second week of workshops will take place at CKWZ, and the Brave Kids Wrocław Final Show will happen there on 1 July. The spaces we saw at CKWZ were also very nice, and the Brave Kids Team was particularly impressed by the theatre space for this year’s show. The theatre seats 280 and has a terrific technical set-up for lights and sound. It should be a splendid site for the show!
The first group arrivals here in Wrocław are now just ten days away. Brave Kids 2016 is almost here, and we are so excited to welcome the groups here in Wrocław and get down to the important (and fun!) work of cultural and artistic exchange!
Kathy Lawson – Brave Kids Artist Liaison and Artistic Instructor for BK 2016 Wrocław

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